Our features

The enterprise managed to readjust itself at the structurals changements maintaining the ancients methods of handicraft work, enhancing the value through the integration of modern building technologies and techniques.

The perfect knowledge of the territory and of the structures present on it give the chance to realize, each time, personalized solutions according to the customer's need and the opportunities the region can offer. Priorities objectives are: the realizations workmanlike, timing and scheduling. Further, the optimisation of utilized resources and the abatement of the wastes assure the best price-quality ratio (P/Q).

These qualities enforce the enterprise image, reputation and competition.


Our professional commitments

Insurances during the work's execution are offered to the customers thanks to a covenant agreement signed with one of the major insurance companies, these give total protection to the work against human mistakes, building yard accidents, fire and theft risks, earthquake, floods and landslides.

At the completion of the work become effective, then, a posthumous ten-years insurance policy, to protect the work from total or partial damages which could compromise its stability.

Turning the attention to its employees, the enterprise is able to avail itself on a reliability staff which guaranteed a satisfying professionalism and undoubted correctness on-the-job.

Further, in the way of preventing accident on work, the enterprise provides safety measures for its employees to reduce their risks, according with EEC provisions of law.

To defend the environment and the common wealth, the enterprise engaged itself with a renowned litter-clearance firm, rising out of constructions or demolition activities, or related to package or waste goods (PVC, iron, polyethylene, wood, etcŠ) according to the Ronchi Decree.

The relations with its good suppliers are handle with care, buying first quality goods from trusted and well-known individuals.

All these attentions increase the enterprise value, inside its staff and structure, and outside, in relation to its reputation.


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