The Massimiliano Carnasciali enterprise is present on Chianti territory for more than 15 years. Inside its staff list it take advantage of high skilled labours specialized on restorations and farmhouses and mansions recover, on the manufacturing and masonry of stones, but its also specialized in newly-constructed building such as cellars and swimming-pool. The suitable equipments, the enterprise has at its disposal, allow it to practise all sorts of works, from earth handling to interiors trimming, shorting the time of executions and warranting the work realizations high qualities.

The Carnasciali enterprise gives also its availability for restorations and constructions consulting.

The district contest in which the enterprise works is characterized by a typically rural mark, endowed by natural properties and regulated by compulsory bonds, which grant environment protective measures.

The knowledge of this territory permit to the enterprise to realize works that avoid any kind of inappropriate impact or disfigurement.

The farmhouses recovery and reconstructions are accurate founded on the structural lines originally existing, avoiding interventions which would altered the characteristic and typical countryside, meanwhile the constructions ad just themselves to the modern habitative and constructive standards.


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